Tips to help get your BAS right

When completing your next business activity statement (BAS), remember:

  • Keep accurate and complete records of all sales, fees, expenses, wages and other business costs.
  • Only lodge one BAS for each period. If your form has been replaced, you should use the replacement form and not the original.
  • If you lodge electronically, there’s no need to send the paper form.
  • Only complete fields that apply to you. If you have nothing to report, enter zero.
  • Make sure that you have entered the figures for your obligations at the correct label.
  • Enter whole dollar amounts – leave cents out and don’t round up to the next dollar.
  • Lodge online and you may get an extra two weeks to lodge and pay your BAS.
  • Registered tax agents and BAS agents can help you.
  • Ensure you have included all income collected for the period.

Remember, if you’ve made a mistake you can revise or fix the mistake on your next BAS.

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