Company Case Study

Company Tax Client Case Study

A retail client came to us for advice when they had one shop operating in suburban Adelaide. We worked with them on structures, profitability, staffing and Investments. At the outset we established what the goals of the two directors were and where they saw the business in 10 years.
Their key objectives were expansion, wealth creation and succession planning. By consulting with them on a weekly basis, keeping abreast of their goals and regularly monitoring their business we were able to help the client achieve their goals.The services we provided along the way include bookkeeping, tax planning, accounting, consulting, budgeting, wealth advice, succession planning, staff placement and advising the board.
This client now owns 5 properties and is operating in hundreds of countries around the world, employs hundreds of staff and has a huge online presence.


The client wanted to expand its business nationally and then internationally but had no idea how to go about it.


The client is now operating in all states of Australia as well as in 20 countries around the world. Operationally they have a fantastic team and have a wealth creation strategy in place. They have morphed from a small family business into an international powerhouse.


We put a structure in place to allow the client to have multiple locations both nationally and internationally and to operate in the most tax-effective manner. We have set up multiple structures for the client, implemented IT plans, improved staffing and put together a team to ensure that their goals are evolving and being met on a short and long term basis. We also helped them form a board which monitors ongoing performance of the business.

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