Charity Case Study

Charity Business Tax Case

Clients approached us, wishing to set up a registered charity and build a school in Africa. We have worked with this client to now establish tax-deductible status and they have been able to build a school in Tanzania to provide schooling opportunities to children who would not otherwise have received schooling. We will continue to work with the client, offering accounting, audit and advisory services to enable the client to continue to expand its charitable presence. We have also worked with them to increase their exposure via a media presence.


How to become a registered charity and achieve its goals of building a new school in Tanzania.


We set up a registered charity for the client and helped them gain tax-deductibility status, allowing further donations and building of the school to commence. We also set up a functional board with independent members with the skillset to continue driving the charity. We have also assisted with social media to keep the charity on track towards it goals.


The school’s first two classrooms have now been built and the school should be completed by the end of the financial year. Children who were walking 4 hours to receive education are now being schooled in their village.

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