Fixed Priced Packages - How They Work

Our fixed-price packages take into account the various levels of support that businesses may need with competitive pricing. So you can choose the right package that best suits your business!

Fixed Fee Accounting and Tax

Annual contract for your accounts and tax, with the ability to change your requirements up or down as required. Our aim is to set the base with the required components of accounting and tax and then let you pick your level of engagement from our team as your business grows.


Choose the plan that's right for you.

We have created structured packaged options to suit your regular business and investment needs, so we can provide real time advice anytime you need it.

Easy engagement

1. Choose your package

Choose your package for your business or investment that suits your core compliance and advice needs.

2. Click Buy & Pay

Fill out simple order form, pay the initial deposit or the monthly fee.

3. Let us take it from here

Email will be sent with further instructions


Choose a package

Our packages are designed to cater for business entities of all sizes. Select a suitable package based on your business turnover, number of employees and transaction volume. If we haven’t covered what you’re looking for, get in touch with us to tailor a solution that’s right for your business.

Xero Subscription (optional)

On top of the features included in the packages, you have the option to directly pay for a Xero subscription yourself. Alternatively, we can arrange to pay on your behalf which would entitle you to a discount provided you pay us in advance.

Upgrade Downgrade Anytime

You can upgrade or downgrade the selected package at any time without paying extra. Monthly repayments will be adjusted according to the new package selected.

Cancel Anytime

If you wish to cancel the package and revert to obtaining adhoc services, simply pay for the proportion of the package value during which services were obtained. No cancellation fees will be charged.

Custom Plans Available

If our packages do not suit your business requirements, we can always design a package suitable for your business or alternatively you can pay for the adhoc services obtained. Please discuss with our experts.

Upfront 50% Deposit

(Accounting packages only)

50% of the annual package fee is to be paid upfront with the remaining balance paid in monthly instalments within the financial year

About our Pricing

Fixed Fees

All your business taxes and reporting taken care of and your business registrations. Just choose the right package with the level of interaction with your accountant. Simple

Transparent Services

Update your accounts monthly at a fixed price and keep a finger on the pulse of your business.

No End Of Year Bill

When you need answers or want advice on setting up, structuring, tax, systems, software, cashflow, finance, pricing, marketing and exit strategies. We offer advice on an ad-hoc or regular basis.

Need a custom package

Require Further Information

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