How to Protect Your Business





Whether you are just starting your new business, or have been up and running for a while, protecting the business you worked so hard to build is a critical step.

Know what to protect:

Identity thieves may target your:

  • myGovID
  • business activity statement
  • employee’s (or employees’) personal information
  • business records containing personal or business information.

How to protect:

·        Protect your myGovID

  • Upgrade your myGovID with identity documents verification, compared to username and password credential and SMS verification codes;
  • If you are aware or suspect that your myGovID has been inappropriately accessed, you need to report this immediately by contact support line on 1300 287 539 (option 2).

·         Secure your business premises

  • Installing physical barriers such as locked doors and windows;
  • Ensuring you have appropriate alarm systems in place;
  • Filing documents containing personal and business information in lockable storage units.

·         Secure your systems

  • Changing all passwords on a regular basis
  • Ensuring all employees log out of systems and lock computers when not in use
  • Making sure your computers and other devices have up-to-date security and anti-virus software.

·         Ensure you have internal controls

  • Performing background checks on new employees
  • Restricting new employees’ access to systems and credentials
  • Being able to track employees’ actions when dealing with sensitive and personal information.
  • Preventive internal controls in place to stop a fraud before it happens;
  • Detective internal controls in place to catch a fraud that has occurred.

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