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Saving your Time and Money

Feeling stressed? Wasting too much time on your bookkeeping?

Should you find yourself considering the possibility of hiring a bookkeeper and accountant to keep your business running smoothly, then here are a few reasons that can act as a push in the right direction:

  1. Saves time and keep your focus on core business needs

As an additional bonus, bookkeepers and accountants can take care of all your number work for you, leaving you with spare time that you can use to concentrate on growing your business even more.

2. You might not be familiar with accounting practices as much as you think

Accounting errors and preventable penalties can be avoided with the help of a bookkeeper. They can tell you about what is happening—and most importantly, what you need to do and Stay out of what you don’t really know or understand

3. Day to Day Management of Accounts

A bookkeeper can stay on top of your business’ accounts daily for all transactions. By keeping track of every sale or purchase and using software to do it all, it is much easier for them to keep an eye on your cash flow.

4. Keep Businesses Aligned with Laws

Tax can be a sensitive area. Mistakes in Business Activity Statements (BAS) and outstanding lodgements can be a trigger to an ATO audit. That is where bookkeepers come in, as they can help make sure your business stays aligned with the relevant laws.

5. Single Touch Payroll (STP)

STP is not a new way of reporting to the ATO tax and super information that you pay for your employees, but it might be a new thing to employers who start hiring your first employee. An expert bookkeeper can help you find the right accounting and STP software set-up that meets your needs. They can even set it up and train you on the software.

How can we help?

wakefield business group accounting specialists

Our bookkeeping services are on a fixed-fee basis. We can provide you with professional bookkeeping services Which means that we can perfectly customise each package to suit your businesses needs and budget. Our fully qualified Accountants provide services in the following areas:

  1. Payroll, PAYG Reconciliation and Leave Entitlements
  2. Bank Reconciliation, Input Cash Expenses or Credit card reconciliation
  3. Accounts payable and receivable
  4. Superannuation reconciliation, calculation, lodgement & payment
  5. Reporting: Profit and loss statements, Sales report, End of financial year reports
  6. Software: Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks

Please visit our website to get more information about our current Bookkeeping Packages as below:

Essential Bookkeeping 100k No Employees, Established BusinessesEssential Bookkeeping + Payroll Up to 250k 3 EmployeesEssential Bookkeeping + Payroll 250k 5 EmployeesEssential Bookkeeping + Payroll 500k 10 Employees

If you are looking for accounts and bookkeeping services, let us add value to your business!

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